5 Organic Stores Like Whole Foods Market

If you want a healthy grocery store to get your food from but don’t live by a Whole Foods or just want to try somewhere different, you will find that this list will give you some great ideas of where you can go to get the nutritious food you need.

  1. Kroger

While it’s true that Kroger isn’t quite on the same level as Whole Foods when it comes to a super-healthy food selection, it still does offer lots of organic choices that appeal to those who are health-conscious. This grocery store chain is definitely one of the healthier ones you will find in the country, and they have many different sections to look through. A lot of Krogers actually employ in-house dieticians who sometimes lead tours of the stores for those who are interested. If you’re looking for a place like Whole Foods, you can’t go wrong with Kroger.

  1. Aldi

You will find that Aldi is another great healthy grocery store chain that is located in both the U.S. and UK. These grocery stores have actually removed all candy, chocolates and treats that are packed with sugar. They tend to focus on organic fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, trail mixes, water and other healthy things. There is also no tobacco section in these stores, and the Austrian Aldis even has an entire website for helping kids to eat healthy.

  1. Trader Joe’s

Although there are not a ton of Trader Joe’s grocery stores across the U.S., they are great to go to for those who live close enough to drive to one. These grocery stores are packed with a variety of healthy foods, so you will have lots to choose from. Unlike many other mainstream grocery stores, these ones do not have much in the way of sugary drinks, snacks or junk food of any kind really. If you are currently on the lookout for a grocery store with tons of healthy food choices at reasonable prices, Trader Joe’s is the place to visit.

  1. Albertson’s

Albertson’s offers a wide variety of organic brand foods, and they focus on providing their customers with healthy selections more so than most other big grocery stores. There aren’t a ton of these stores across the U.S. either, but they are certainly worth visiting for anyone who lives by one and wants a good alternative to Whole Foods.

  1. Safeway

When you think of Safeway you might not instantly think “healthy,” but these stores have changed quite a bit over the years. A vast majority of Safeway grocery stores offer a variety of healthy food choices, including organic fruits and vegetables as well as a huge section just for dietary supplements. If you want organic food that is actually affordable, it is highly recommended that you visit a Safeway in your area as soon as possible. These stores have a lot to offer and are worth visiting at least once, especially if you are health-conscious.

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