Finding a AMC Theaters near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

AMC Theaters is a movie theatre chain in the United States and across the world which is very popular. It was founded a very long time ago in 1906 in Kansas City, Missouri, and today and has around 300 locations in America. AMC Theaters are a family favorite and now there are dine in theaters, digital projection of movies, 3D movies and a lot more large screen experiences such as IMAX and ETX. AMC Theaters are normally open seven days a week.

To find a AMC near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest AMC Theater near me now.

How To Find An AMC Theaters Near Me Now

AMC Theater Locator

The company have made it really easy to find an AMC Theater near to you now with their theater locator service which can be found here. The page has a large search box where you can input your Zip code, city or state to find the nearest theater to you. There is also a list of cities and states to help you find the right theater.

As soon as you have selected your location the page will change and you will see a large map that has pinpoints to indicate the positions of theaters in the area. Underneath the map you will see a series of options which are whether reclining seats are available, if Dolby sound is provided, ETX theaters, IMAX theaters, real 3D and AMC independents so that you can filter the theaters to what you are looking for.

Below the filters will be a list of nearby theaters. The address of the theater will be shown and you can view showtimes from here. You can see all of the movies that are being presented for the day and the different presentation start times. The movie rating will be shown as well as the total runtime and the different facilities such as closed captions. You will have the facility to print out the list of movies on offer.

You can view the theater details by clicking on the link within the image. You will find a much more localized map here and all of the movies that are showing for the day. You can also get precise driving directions on the page and there will be details of any special pricing such as for seniors. Special amenities such as mobile ticketing, digital projection and theater rentals will also be displayed. If there are any special accessibility options such as assisted listening devices these will be shown too. You will also be able to see the policies of the theater here.

AMC Theaters Mobile App

If you are the owner of an iPhone or an Android powered smartphone then you will be able to use the mobile app that has been developed by AMC Theaters. You can get more information and download the iPhone app here and the Android app here. With this app you will be able to find the AMC Theater that is closest to you, view the available showtimes, purchase tickets and view content that is exclusive.

The app will help you to find the nearest AMC Theater to you or you can enter in your Zip code to find it. You can also use the map view to find the nearest location. You can find a movie that is playing at an AMC Theater easily. You can purchase tickets through the app and there will be movie trailers that you can watch.

If you are a member of the AMC Stubs rewards program (see below) then you can use your phone instead of bringing the stubs with you. You will be able to check your rewards balance and share stubs on Facebook. You will also receive other offers from AMC Theaters via the app.

How To Save At An AMC Theater Near Me

You can save at an AMC Theater near you by becoming a member of their rewards program which is called AMC Stubs. When you are an AMC Stubs Insider you will receive many benefits which include a free refill off of a large popcorn, Tuesday tickets up to $2 off and a reward of $5 when you reach 5000 points. You will receive 20 points for every dollar that you spend. More details about the AMC Stubs program can be found here.

For AMC coupons, simple Google Search “AMC Theater Coupons” and you will be provided with a ton of websites.

AMC Theaters Hours Of Operation Near Me

AMC Theaters will open at different times and it is best to check with your local theater to see when they open and close. Simply use the theater locator page mentioned above to find the AMC you are thinking of visiting and checking there times there.

For more information regarding AMC Theaters, please visit their official website.

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