Bakeries offer more than just bread. You can get coffee, a hearty breakfast and more. If you travel a lot, moved to a new place or simply want to try something new, you can find the answer to this question: “Where is the closest bakery near me?” with just a few clicks. Thanks to the mighty power of the Internet, looking for businesses today is much easier than asking friends or leafing through a thick phone book. You can narrow down your search parameters and find exactly what you need in record time.

Below is a Google Map of the closest Bakery locations. Simply click the different bakeries to find the right one for you. Continue reading below to find additional ways to finding a Bakery near you.

Finding a Nearby Bakery Online

The Internet is used for countless reasons. People use the online world to stay in touch with loved ones faraway, shop for hard-to-find items and to help locate answers to everyday questions. If you need to find a list of bakeries near a particular location, all you have to do is ask Google.

  1. Fire up your browser on your phone, tablet or computer and head over to Google search.
  2. Type in “bakery in (your location)”
  3. Press “Enter” or click the “Search” button.
  4. Sift through the search results provided.

When searching online, you can do so in two main ways. The first way is to simply click one of the leading results provided by Google. People love using Google over other search engines for many reasons and one of this is the map feature. When you use Google maps, you can get directions and other info related to the business you’re looking for like their store hours, address, phone number, and even ratings.

Another easy way to locate the nearest bakery to your location is to type the specific bakery name you wish to find. Big to medium-sized bakery chains generally have great and easy-to-use websites that come with a store location function. Use this feature to find the nearest branch of the bakery chain you wish to patronize. This is a straightforward way to find a specific bakery that you enjoy, no matter where you are in the nation. Some of the most popular bakeries are: Kroger Bakery, Publix Bakery, Walmart Bakery, and Costco Bakery.

Finding a Bakery Near Me Using Apps

Apps make our mobile devices so much more effortless and fun to use. There’s pretty much an app for almost all types of your daily needs. From searching for games to ordering food, apps add more convenience to our busy lives. Below are a few of the apps you can use to find bakeries and even order food from them.

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