Finding a Bob Evans near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

The Bob Evans restaurants are very popular in the United States, and there are over 600 restaurants covering 24 States. Bob Evans started life as a single truck stop diner back in 1946. This was situated near to the Bob Evans farm in Ohio. They are very well known for their hearty breakfasts and three course dinners. The restaurants are normally open every day of the week.

To find a Bob Evans near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Bob Evans near me now.

How To Find A Bob Evans Restaurant Near Me Now

Below are two different ways to locate a Bob Evans restaurant near you:

Bob Evans Store Locator

It is not difficult at all to find a Bob Evans restaurant near to you. There is a very good store locator on their website which you can find here. All you have to do is enter your location (zip code or state & city) into the search box. There is even a “Detect My Location” function which works well.

Once your location has been entered, you will see a list of restaurants on the left hand side and a large map on the right hand side. With each restaurant listing the full address will be displayed and the approximate distance away in miles. It will also tell you what time the store closes.

Clicking on the + icon will reveal the full opening hours for the day and the phone number. You can obtain directions; view the menu and order online if the store supports this. Clicking on the “details” link will display the full store page.

The online ordering can either be done as a guest or as a Bob Evans member (see below). You will need to confirm the store location and then the comprehensive menu will be displayed and you can choose your food. Once you have made your selection and reviewed your order you can make payment and then collect.

Bob Evans Mobile App

There is a Bob Evans app for both the iPhone and Android phones. You can get the iPhone app here and the Android version here. The app will let you place carry out orders on the go. All you have to do is enter your Zip code and place an order for the food that you require.

The menu is customizable and the app is designed to help you make the right choice. When you place your order it will be ready in around an hour. You can even schedule your order for the next day or some other time in the future if that suits you. The app can also be used to find the nearest Bob Evans restaurant to you.

How To Save At A Bob Evans Near Me

Bob Evans has a rewards program that is known as My Bob Evans or simply BE Mail. It is easy to sign up for this and the page to do that is here. You will need to enter your title, first name and last name and then your birth date. Your email address is next, and then you will need to create a password and confirm it. Finally add your Zip code so that offers can be personalized to your local restaurant.

When you become a member of BE Mail you will be notified of special deals and promotions and you will enjoy faster online ordering. During the email sign up process you can choose to receive restaurant news and specials, grocery news and coupons and farm fresh recipes.

Bob Evans Opening Hours Near Me

Typically Bob Evans restaurants are open from 6am to 9pm every day of the week. It is possible that a store will operate different hours so it is best to check this.

For more information regarding Bob Evans, please visit their official website.

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