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The Department of Motor Vehicles, which is more commonly known as the DMV, is the State level agency that is responsible for driver licensing and the registration of vehicles in the United States. In different States the DMV may be known by a different name such as the Division of Motor Vehicles or the Driver Services Department, but the concept of the DMV is understood everywhere.

To find a DMV near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest DMV near me now.

How To Find A DMV Near Me Now

Finding a DMV near to you now has been made a lot easier by the website that has a DMV office finder facility that you can use here. Please note that this is not an official government site, but it is very useful. When you arrive at the page, scroll down until you see a map of the country. You can use the interactive map to select your State or you can use the drop down box below the map. There is also a search box where you can input your State, city or Zip code.

The page will change once you have made your selection. You will be provided with the option to save on a trip to a local DMV office by using the online services of the site to see if these can solve your problem. Beneath this will be a list of DMV offices with a localized map on the right. The map will have a number of pinpoints which will indicate where the offices are located.

For each listed office you will see the full address and the main contact phone number. There will also be a button to “View Office Details.” Clicking on this button will take you to the dedicated page for the office. Here you will be able to find precise driving directions and make an appointment with the office.

The opening hours of this office will be displayed, and the days that they are closed because of holidays will also be shown. If there are language services offered then these will be displayed. You will be able to see clearly the services offered by the office.

For licensing this will probably include the provision of driving licenses and identification cards, the facility to sit the written test, make an appointment for a road test, commercial tests and CDL written and CDL driving tests.

They are also likely to offer a number of registration services which will include vehicle registrations, vehicle titling and the provision of number plates. If the office offers disabled services such as disabled parking and wheelchair access then this will also be stated. Finally they will tell you what payment options are available and this is likely to include cash, credit cards, checks and money orders.

Locating a DMV Near Me with a Mobile App

In order to help you study and practice for a real DMV driving test, there is an app available called the “DMV Genie.” This app is available for the iPhone as well as Android phones and you can download the iPhone version here and the Android app here. The app is designed to help you to be fully prepared for your car, CDL or motorcycle test. It is claimed that the app is just like the real thing and there are a lot of positive reviews for it. You will be presented with 350 questions that are based on your State’s official driving guide. Users of the app have stated that the questions are very similar (if not the same) to the real DMV test. The test on the app has the same passing score as a real test so it will fully prepare you.

When you are taking the test with the app you will receive smart hints to help you answer difficult questions correctly. If you do get a question wrong then you will find detailed explanations as to why you answered it wrong. This will help you to remember all of the wrong answers. The app will provide State specific questions for every State in the country. There are a number of difficulty levels from easy to real test level.

You can create a personalized challenge bank which will help you to work on questions that you found difficult. Each test will comprise of new questions each time and there is the facility to ask an expert for advice through the app.

Other Apps Available

You can find a number of other DMV apps that will help you. A lot of these are focussed on driving test preparation, but there are certain apps available for State DMV’s. As an example the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has a useful app that is available for iPhone and Android smart phones.

The idea of this app is to enable you to do business with the Virginia DMV quickly and easily. You can set up an account and create a personal identification number which then enables you to conduct a number of transactions which include driver’s licenses and renewing vehicle decals. You can also notify address changes, purchase plates, report the sale of a vehicle and a lot more.

Like most other things, there are also mobile applications for searching for places. These applications can be downloaded onto a smartphone and be used on the go. There are many different apps of these types including:

Yelp Mobile

Made for both Android and Apple devices, this free application provides a quick and easy way to search for businesses and establishments. It provides directions via a map and allows users to include reviews and photos. It is also possible to check into places like DMV and more. It also provides information on nearby establishments.

Quick Place Finder

Designed for Android phones Quick Place Finder makes it possible to quickly search for places. It also makes it possible to store old searches on your phone for future use when there is no internet connection available. Place details can also be shared to other people through email.

Here U Go

A free app that is made especially for iPhones, this provides a quick and easy way to locate businesses in your area. It provides results within a 3 mile radius. It also provides information such as the business address, phone number and distance from your location to the destination.

DMV Hours Of Operation

You will find that the opening of your local DMV office will be unique, but as a guide a lot of the offices will be open from 9am until 3.30pm Monday to Friday. It is rare that a DMV office will be open at the weekend but it is possible. Contact your local office and ask them for their opening hours.

What A Local DMV Can Do For You

In the United States there is no national ID card system so the holding of a driving license has become the main method of identification in the country. DMV’s will issue driving licenses and other identification documents.

Driver certification tests are normally conducted by local DMV’s. This will include written tests and on the road testing. The DMV will issue a driving manual for the State which all drivers in the State are expected to be aware of and comply with. In most States, the DMV will be responsible for administering written and practical driving tests that are the prerequisites to obtaining a driving license. They will also test for knowledge of the State driving manual. If an individual is successful in passing the tests then a driving license will be issued by the DMV.

The ownership of vehicles is also normally handled by local DMV’s. They will issue a vehicle title and they will normally cover all vehicle types that are used on the roads. DMV’s can also record liens made with a vehicle to serve as collateral on a loan that is secured.

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