In the mood for some good ole traditional fast food? We all are sometimes, but how much sense does it make that the process of locating a fast food near me take so long? I’m sure we all agree that we’ve spent too much time attempting to find our favorite fast food place in the vicinity in which we live. So you may be saying, “I just want to find a fast food near me, is there anything easier than what I am doing now?” Whoever you are, rest assured because we have what you desire. Google Maps is one of the most proficient and accurate in locating a fast food restaurant of your liking. No more frustrating website-to-website redirecting, from here on it will be simple, quick, and efficient. The only thing you need to do is scroll down. If this sounds appealing to you, scroll down for more information and resources that can help locate your favorite fast food near you.

There are times when you just have to find a solution to your hunger pangs and FAST. Preparing a meal is out of the question and waiting for delivery may not exactly be the best solution. The best you can do is to find fast food near you of course! While it is possible to drive around town this can never help your current predicament so it is best to know exactly where you need to go before even turning the ignition. Fortunately thanks to technology there are numerous ways to find fast food joints nearby. Continue reading below to see the best way to finding a fast food place near you.


fast food near me nowThe Internet made the entire world smaller by virtually connecting us to people and things, including fast foods with just a click of the mouse. Like what we do when we find ourselves looking for answer, we go to Google and ask a question.

  1. Open your browser and go to Google Maps.
  2. Type in “fast food near me”
  3. Hit “Enter”
  4. Browse through the search results

You have two options in your search method. The first one is just clicking away the leading results in the search results page. The good thing about Google is that it also has a map that should make navigation very easy from where you are to where you should go. This is a more straightforward approach and would work well if you are not particularly looking for a certain fast food store.

Another way to find the nearest fast food is to type in your search the specific name of the chain you want to dine in. The good news is that fast food chains have a very strong online presence so it is never hard to get into their official websites and use its store locator function. This can easily pinpoint to you the branches of the chain that is nearest you.


fast food near me appsAn app is the bread and butter of mobile devices. It is a direct access to fast food brands thru a specially designed program that should give you access to a chain’s virtual food counter. Here are some leading fast food apps that you might want to download in your mobile device. Simply like and share to view the apps.

Starbucks has an app that is making fast food ordering and payment very easy. It also makes Starbucks stores very accessible with its locator while making it easy for you to track your free reward drink. You can even have digital receipts and virtually tip a barista.

Dominos also has its own app that can now support Google wallet. With an easy store locator this app is a must have for every pizza lover. You can even track your ordered pizza from the prep stage to delivery.

Burger King has one of the best apps in the fast food industry. Aside from a store locator the app in certain areas like Maryland, New York and Nevada are now offering rewards for your purchases. You do not only find a Burger King fast, you can also make use of coupons that should make your meals more affordable.

Wendy’s mobile app is a one of the most feature-rich app in the industry. The app has a calorie counter, a system for mobile payment, and a store locator that can even provide store details like which one has Wi-Fi, closes late, and many more. Finding a Wendy’s has never been this easy and convenient.

White Castle app might not have the mobile payment function common in other apps but this app has a store locator that is complemented with a system that can get your order thru mobile even before you reach the store. If you are really so ready to eat this is the app for you. The moment you step in the store, your order could be waiting for you already.


appstore-google-playThere are simply other “generic” apps that are designed to help you to simply locate a fast food chain wherever you are in the country or in the world for that matter. This can make a fast food hunt quicker.

Restaurant Finder – this app can be used all over the world to find the best eats in town including popular fast food chains. This app is easy to use, just type in an address or a zipcode and you will have a list what restaurant is near you.

OpenTable – this app can help you find fast food in your area but not only that it can also give you added information on menu, closing time, even give you the ability to make real time reservations.

Fast Food Finder – another handy app to use for locating fast food chains is the fast food finder. This app can easily locate the nearest McDonalds, Chipotle, and Pizza Hut just to name a few.

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