Finding a Food Lion near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

Food Lion is a very popular grocery store chain that operates in the Southeastern United States. The very first Food Lion was opened a number of years ago in 1957 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Today there are over 1100 stores in ten States of the country. Food Lion provides a very comprehensive range of food and beverages and most stores have a deli, a bakery, a gift center and a pharmacy. Most of the Food Lion stores are normally open seven full days a week.

To find a Food Lion near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Food Lion near me now.

How To Find A Food Lion Near Me Now

Food Lion Store Locator

The company have made it simple for you to find a Food Lion store near to you now by providing a good store finder facility that is on their website here. When you open the page you will see a search box and you can input your State, city or Zip code here. You can also refine your search by choosing to display stores that are in a 10 mile radius up to a 50 mile radius from your location. There is also the facility to only show stores that have pharmacies.

After entering your details and submitting them the page will change and you will see store listings on the left of the page, and a map with pinpoints indicating where the stores are on the right of the page. If you click on any of the pinpoints then a pop up box will appear on the map providing details about the store. The store listings will show the nearest store to start with and there will be full address details presented and the main contact phone number. There are links to show the hours of opening and get directions and there is a button to view the weekly specials.

Each store has its own dedicated page and you can visit this by clicking on the link in the store listing. Full details will again be provided as well as the opening times for the full week. You can view the weekly specials that this store is offering from here. You will see pages of money saving deals and you can add individual items to your shopping list directly from here as well as find out more information for each item. If you want to find affordable recipes then you can find these too.

There is a comprehensive recipe section here. You will find hundreds of recipes that you can make from foods purchased at Food Lion. Each recipe will tell you the approximate times for preparation and cooking and how many people can be served. There will be a comprehensive list of the ingredients required and then full step by step instructions on how to prepare and cook the dish. Many of the recipes are rated and you can find some useful comments too.

How To Save At A Food Lion Store Near Me

It is easy to save at a Food Lion store near to you. The first thing to do is to join their free rewards program which is called the Food Lion MVP. The motto of this program is shop, swipe and save. You can get an MVP card in any Food Lion store. When your card is registered you can use the card to get everyday discounts and specials. You can benefit from special MVP pricing on the foods that you buy regularly. There is an MVP Savings Center in every store and you can scan your card using the machines to save even more.

You will receive weekly MVP emails that will contain offers for targeted items. You can load money saving coupons onto your MVP card and you will be able to login to your MVP account and track your rewards. More information about the Food Lion MVP program can be found here and the card registration page is here. You can also sign up for emails from Food Lion to receive additional coupons and exclusive offers. The sign up form is simple to complete and you will find it here. You can also find money saving coupons on the website here.

Food Lion Hours Of Operation

You will find that most of the Food Lion stores will keep the same opening hours and these are 7am until 10pm every day of the week (including Sundays). Just in case your local store operates with slightly different times it is best to check with them.

For more information regarding Food Lion, please visit their official website.

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