Frozen yogurt is a popular dessert and snack that is loved by many. The refreshing coolness paired with its tangy, yet rich and simple, taste makes a great base for fruits and other toppings. Not to mention that it can contain a lot less calories than other chilled desserts. It’s no wonder that frozen yogurt shops are everywhere. Although there are numerous stores to choose from, finding one that is closest to your location can be tricky. Here are some tips to make it easier.

Below is a map of the nearest Frozen Yogurt places near you. To find additional information about finding Frozen Yogurt locations near you please refer to the information and links below.

Find Frozen Yogurt Near Me Through the Internet

The World Wide Web offers information for just about anything and everything that you need. It does not come as a surprise that information on frozen yogurt shops can be found here as well.

Running a search is perhaps the easiest way to find this information. All it takes is a quick search on your browser of choice. Enter the keywords frozen yogurt and add the city or town you are in. If you know the zip code of your exact location you can use this to get area specific results. In cases where you search with Google, they will also provide a map for the locations you searched for.

Find Frozen Yogurt Near Me with Apps

Since the advent of technology mobile phones are now equipped with applications for different purposes. There are those for entertainment, while there are others which can help you find a frozen yogurt store.

Frozen Yogurt Locator

An app dedicated solely to finding frozen yogurt stores by MapMuse, this can be used by Apple device owners and iPhone owners. The app can help find popular frozen yogurt chains such as Pinkberry, Freshens , TCBY, Yogen Früz, Red Mango and more. If you have a specific favorite just search for it using the application and the store nearest you will show up on the map. What’s more is that, if you have a local favorite that does not show up on the map, you can add it so other users can learn about it.

Food Finder Free

Another app for iPad and iPhone users, this can help you find restaurants in your location, including frozen yogurt stores. Simply enter the term frozen yogurt and a series of results will show up. Best of all, the results indicate the distance of the shop from your current location.

Restaurant Finder

Android users can rely on this nifty application to help find their favorite yogurt stores. Like other finders, all you need to do is enter a search term or the name of the specific frozen yogurt store of your choice. An address or zip code may also be used for searching.  It then comes up with stores closest to where you are situated.  The app is designed for use all over the world, and works in destinations like the US, Canada and Europe.

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