Finding a GNC near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below. GNC, also known as General Nutrition Centers, is an American retailer that focuses on the sales of health and nutrition related products. There are over 7,334 GNC locations in 49 countries.

To find a GNC near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest GNC near me now.

Find a GNC Near Me Now

GNC Store Locator

We recommend that you use the GNC’s official store locator as your first method of finding GNC locations nearby. You can click here to be transferred over to GNC’s store locator page, or you can navigate your way to the store locator page through their homepage. You can begin your search by entering your city & state, or address to find your nearby GNC store locations. You can also choose to browse by state, simply selecting the drop down menu under the search bar. After entering your information, you will be shown a map of all the GNC locations in your search area. The map results will correspond with the list view. Simply select a location either on the map or list to view their address, phone number, and hours of operation. You can get directions by simply selecting “Get Directions.” For more information, click”More Information.” This will bring up a new tab with all the information you’ll need.


If you need to locate a GNC store nearby while on the go, consider downloading the GNC App. The GNC App is available  for download through your appropriate app store on both iOS and Android devices. Simply download it and select the “Stores” tab to open up their store locator. The app will automatically pull your geolocation and provide you with the closest stores near you including their address, phone number, and much more. Whether you’re always active or just need to locate a GNC store quickly, the GNC app is the easiest and fastest way to help you find your nearby GNC location.

How to Save at a GNC Near Me

GNC Near MeSaving at your local GNC store is pretty easy. GNC, like most other stores, offers a Membership Card program to their customers. While GNC’s Membership Card does cost $15.00 a year, you do end up saving lot’s more than $15! When you sign up for their membership card you’ll get exclusive deals such as:

  • Discounts on every item, every day.
  • Exclusive membership-only offers and coupons
  • $10 gift the month of your birthday
  • Personalized extras, including health advice, tips and information

For more information regarding the GNC Membership Card, click here.

While the membership card does cost, there are other ways to get GNC coupons and savings for free. GNC has a Deals page where they post all their specials and marked down products. They also post coupons and specials on their Facebook page, so it is recommended that you like and follow them on social media.

For more information regarding GNC, please visit their official website. Check out our Find Locations Near Me Guide for all other businesses.

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