Golfing can be a highly pleasurable sport and sometimes golfers even get hooked to the game. If you travel a lot, plan to move to a new location, or for whatever reason you need to find a golf course near a specific location, the good news is that your search will be one easy task. We’re fortunate enough to live in the digital age where access to all types of information is not difficult whatsoever. You can find answers to the question “where are the golf courses near me?” faster than you can say “Tiger Woods”.

Below is a map of the nearest Golf Courses places near you. To find additional information about finding Golf Course locations near you please refer to the information and links below.

Find Golf Closes Near Me Online

The online world is full of information. Accessing data today is as easy as tapping a few strokes on the keyboard or using your fingers in no time to get all the answers you need. Whenever you need answers to all sorts of queries, Google is one of the most useful websites ever created.

1. Fire up your browser and head over to Google search.

2. Key in “golf courses (your location)”.

3. Hit “Enter”.

4. Browse the results provided by Google.

You have more than one choice when it comes to using the search results you get. The first option is to simply click one of the top results you see. The map feature of Google is one of the company’s top inventions when it comes to providing search results when people are looking for a type of business. By clicking on the map you can see how to get to the golf courses recommended on the search results page.

Another easy way to locate the nearest golf courses based on the location you keyed in is to type a specific name of the golf course establishment you want to use. Some official websites of golf courses even come with a locator feature so you can find what you need with no problem.

Finding Golf Courses Near Me with Apps

Apps make using our smartphones and tablets very easy and handy. There’s an app for almost anything we need to do in the online world and locating all kinds of businesses is no exception. Looking for a golf course near a location you want is extremely fast and easy when you harness the powers of apps.

Golf GPS Range Finder Free

This golf range finder app is simple to use and is very accurate. You can also use it to calculate range and distance to any point you wish on the course you use. It works with Google maps and your gadget’s built-in GPS so you won’t have to download any special map. Not only that, the app also provides users with a birds-eye view of the hole currently being played, no matter where you play in the entire world.


This golf app comes with several features and includes a range-finder. It’s a free app that uses your current location and GPS in your device to find ranges near you. When you select a course, the app will give you yardage

Whenever you find yourself wondering “what are the golf courses near me?”, all you have to do is follow this guide so you can play your favorite sport in no time.

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