Finding a Guitar Center near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

The Guitar Center is the biggest musical instrument chain in the world. It was founded a long time ago in 1959, and now there are 269 Guitar Center stores across America. You can find a very comprehensive range of musical instruments at Guitar Center stores and you can also buy recording equipment, software, DJ equipment and lighting, amplifiers and PA systems, microphones and effects devices. It is normal to find that Guitar Center stores will be open every day of the week including Sundays.

To find a Guitar Center near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Guitar Center near me now.

How To Find A Guitar Center Near Me Now

Guitar Center Store Locator

There is a really straightforward way to find a Guitar Center store near to you now and that is by using the store locator facility which can be seen here. When you see the page you will notice a large map in the background and a box on the left which has a search box and go button. If you prefer, you can ask the web page to detect your current location automatically. If you are using the search box then you can enter in your Zip code, city or State. You can apply filters to your results and these include professional services, lessons, vintage, rentals, repairs and the platinum service.

Beneath the filters box you will see the States listed with the number of stores. You can select your State from here and find a store that way. Once your details have been entered in the search box, the map will change to show a more localized area and you will see pinpoints which indicate where the stores are situated. If you click on a pinpoint you will be taken to the dedicated store page.

On the left side of the page will be a list of the stores in your area. You will see the store name and then the full address and telephone number. The hours that the store is open for the day will also be shown. Click on the store name and you will go to the dedicated store page. On this page you will find all of the usual details plus a fax number and the full store opening times for the week. If the store provides lessons then the hours for this will also be shown. There will be a small local map to help you to find the store and you can get more directions from the page. Further down the page you will see upcoming events displayed and also a description of the store.

How To Save At A Guitar Center Store Near Me

It is possible to save at a Guitar Center near to you by becoming a member of their GC Bucks rewards program. The scheme covers in store or online purchases and at the time of writing you will earn $10 worth of GC bucks when you spend $50, $20 worth of GC bucks when you spend $100, $30 worth of GC bucks when you spend $150, $40 worth of GC bucks when you spend $200 and $50 worth of GC bucks when you spend $250.

The more that you spend the more you will earn. It is basically $10 for every $50 spent. The maximum is $500 GC bucks for $2,500 in purchases that qualify. In order to gain your GC bucks you need to provide a valid name and email address in the store or as part of the online checkout process. The GC bucks will be delivered to you via email shortly after you have made your purchases. You can redeem your GC bucks for qualifying purchases at any store or online.

You can also make interest free purchases spread over fixed terms (normally 12-36 months) by applying for the Guitar Center Gear Card. This is an in store credit card and the interest free payment program applies to purchases of over $299. There are sometimes interest free deals available for certain products such as Fender. The interest free off extends to over 70 brands available through Guitar Center.

Guitar Center Hours Of Operation

The standard hours of opening for Guitar Center stores are Monday to Friday from 9am until 10pm, Saturdays from 9am until 8pm and Sundays from 11am until 7pm. It is possible that your local store may open at different times so please contact them to confirm this.

For more information regarding Guitar Center, please visit their official website.

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