Don’t we all aspire to have a rock-solid, lean, pleasing body? To finally hit the gym, stop procrastinating and start getting to work? Well, the motivation and urgency is there and that’s an important step to take, but you still have to find a gym that suits you and your needs. How tedious would it be to have to search all over the internet? “All this just to find gyms near me, shouldn’t it be easy?” Maybe like click-of-the-button easy? Well, we have created a solution so you could find not just one but multiple gyms near you. With Google Maps that click-of-the-button concept comes to life. All that is required from you is to scroll down and Google Maps will map out the closest gyms to you. With the hundreds of thousands of gym facilities in the world, it’s highly unlikely there is not one in your vicinity. Continue reading below to find more resources that can help with finding the perfect gym for you.


There will come a time when a home gym is no longer enough to get you to the level you want to reach in your strength training. Training at home is fine but having kids around and with all the chores you need to do when your partner is around can easily get you out of focus.

When you have already decided to look for a gym (finally!) then you need to understand that choosing the right one is just as important. Your gym must be close enough from home and work but far enough to give you a sense of isolation from your everyday distractions. It must have the feel and of vibe that suits your preferences well, and it must offer the things that you need and want from a gym.


Gym must-havesThere are a lot of gyms out there that serve a wide set of needs. Some are for overall conditioning, some are there to cater to very general fitness needs, and some are part of a full service health club. These are all OK but to find a specific gym that can help you with your strength training, you need a gym that specializes in it.

You get two things when you do this right: first, you get the services you need and be in a crowd that is also into the same thing as you. Second, you will be paying less as you are enrolling in a gym with limited services, those that addresses your unique needs.


Know your purposeThe gym you choose must have the right equipment. For strength training, the gym needs to have the following things:

  • Power rack or a squat rack
  • Olympic barbell
  • Dumbbells up to 150 Ibs. You might need heavier ones if you choose to go for training with the dumbbells than with barbells.
  • Pull-up station
  • Flat bench with racks

It is also a bonus if you can find a gym that also offers free classes to its members. This can cover lessons on yoga or kickboxing. Either way these are great fillers in your fitness program while you are primarily pursuing strength training. This can also be great especially if you are just starting out – it gives you more fitness activity options and also more opportunities to meet new people.

Training packages can also be a great add-on to the gym you will end up buying into. Most gyms with strength training programs would not allow you to follow a program other than the ones they apply in the gym. This is a good thing because you are getting an assisted program where your training can have more depth and direction.

Different gyms have varying amenities offering. You have to remember though that the more amenities available to you the higher the membership fee would be. So a certain balance must be considered for this one.


Cost_Of_Fitnessa1It is best that you have a budget already set for your gym membership. Gym membership can go as low as $9 but this can go as high as $365. It all depends on the inclusions and the amenities available to you.

You always get what you pay for so be sure to stand by your basic reasons why you are joining a gym so that you can make better compromises when making your final decision.

Your budget must also cover your transportation costs to the gym. It is easy to spend an extra $30 for gas just to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. A gym located far from your house might be ideal for focus on the program but it will cost you in the long run.


8103You have to consider your will power and personal commitment to meet your daily schedule at the gym. If the gym is too far away then it is easier for you to make excuses not to go when you find yourself slacking off a bit on your fitness goals. Your time can also dictate your level of motivation and this too can ultimately help you or discourage you to go for your strength training.

If you have preferred time for your training then check out some gyms that are open at that time. Make sure to work your way around location and time. You really need to get this right the first time as this will dictate the quality of your experience and ultimately the sustainability of your fitness aspirations.



gym_in_tampaWhen you think you have found the right gym for you, do not sign the contract just yet. Some gyms offer a free pass for a week or so while some will ask you for a trial payment. Even if you need to shell out $20 for this one, at least you will know whether the gym is actually suitable for you or not, before you pay for a full membership. Testing the gym first can help you decide if its location is perfect, if the equipment and inclusions suit your needs, and if the membership fee is worth it.

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