How to Find Costco’s Hours and Closest Locations Near You

Costco released its first shopping App for Android and iOS because many have been asking about Costco’s hours and locations. Using this App is an excellent way for you to obtain all types of info about Costco at the palm of your hands without having to call customer service or open their website.

A customer can easily shop, refill prescriptions, obtain information regarding previous or current orders, look at coupon books or current online offers. One can also buy or renew his membership as well as find the nearest Costco locations. Some people also use the App to connect with Costco’s Photo Center.

You may also check out the current edition of Costco’s Connection magazine. Although this App is not totally perfect, it’s still a good start since it makes it more convenient for the user to look up any information they need.  Since you do not always bring your whole computer, having the same tools on your phone is the best substitute.


Saving time and money while you’re on the go can be achieved when you make use of Costco’s Mobile App. The following are the best features that you can use:

  • Coupons – Users will always utilize the most current warehouse coupons on your mobile device.
  • Shopping – Members can shop at Costco’s and avail of the store’s unique and expanded selection. Thousands of items that are not found in your local warehouse are being offered and delivered straight to your home.
  • Warehouse Information – Customers can view details regarding Costco’s hours of operation, holiday hours and store locations. One can easily navigate straight to Costco’s warehouse.
  • Build your shopping list – You can conveniently keep track of all items that you need to pick up during your next trip to the store.
  • Photographs – Photos can be uploaded and printed anywhere you go. You can even print straight from the cloud or phone.


Costco’s Mobile Application is geared towards customers who are looking for coupons and shopping info. The location finder certainly works. When you open this App, you’ll be able to view a horizontal scrolling list of top sellers on the website. Click on these options and pop one right into your cart.

There are 3 ways to shop. First, search for the item you want. You may also go through several categories to locate these items. Alternatively, just click the Online Offers section to obtain a full product list. Click those which appeal to you.

The third way is to shop from the warehouse coupons section. In case there’s any item in the warehouse coupon section that you can get through, simply click “coupon” and you’ll be redirected to the product listing. It’s very convenient to read the product listings and they’re also more user-friendly compared to the full online version.

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  1. John corbin says:

    I have heard that costco sells hearing aids? How do i become a member and how much does it cost?

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