How to Find CVS Pharmacy’s Hours and One Near You

The updated and redesigned CVS mobile app provides shoppers immediate access to their ExtraCare cards. The cards can be digitally stored in a Smartphone, thereby eliminating the need to bring an ExtraCare card whenever you’re on a shopping spree. The App can even be used to obtain a lot of information about CVS, including CVS Pharmacy’s hours and nearest locations.

Works Like an ExtraCare Card

CVSpharmacy-Mobile-AppRight after the barcode has been captured, a customer’s Smartphone will simply work like an ExtraCare card at any CVS register. The App can be downloaded free from Apple’s App store as well as through Google Play. Other services and features that can be obtained by using the App include the following: access to CVS Pharmacy’s weekly circular, store locating services, mobile shopping and prescription management.

CVS has significantly expanded the mobile alternatives that are available to all digitally-minded customers with the objective of creating the most accessible and personalized shopping experience. ExtraCare registered members can make use of the latest CVS mobile app to conveniently store their ExtraCare cards.

Full Access on Smartphone

Another advantage of using the App is gaining full access to ExtraCare accounts from your Smartphone. This would make it possible for clients to view CVS Pharmacy’s ExtraBucks Rewards and personalized offers. Aside from access to ExtraCare barcodes, a shopper will surely love the new look and feel of the redesigned App.

The updated CVA Pharmacy App interface includes thumb links to several popular features like:

  • Full ecommerce shopping
  • Access to ExtraCare account
  • Mobile weekly circular, coupled with promotions and local deals
  • Prescription refill scanner

Interested shoppers can simply download the App on their devices. The inclusion of more digital alternatives for ExtraCare Rewards Programs is the latest in several series of new enhancements and features that are being offered by CVS Pharmacy. These features enable members of the Rewards Program to personalize their benefits so as to fit their unique shopping preferences and interests.

CVS is America’s top retail pharmacy with over 7,300 stores nationwide and this is the reason many clients are asking about CVS Pharmacy’s hours of operation and store locations. This company is reinventing pharmacy so as to assist people on their way to better health by offering personalized and most accessible expertise, both online and in its stores or outlets.

Benefits of Using the CVS Pharmacy App

  • You can use it to refill prescriptions
  • Scan to refill when you’re on the go or simply order from your account
  • View your purchase history as well as transfer prescriptions
  • You may view and print the prescription history for doctors’ visits and tax deductions
  • You may also sign up for text alerts
  • You can receive text messages whenever your prescriptions are already ready for pickup
  • It is a convenient way to manage family prescriptions
  • Check drug interactions
  • You can find potential interactions between over the counter drugs, prescriptions, supplements and vitamins
  • You can have the small red ExtraCare card which can be used to save some cash every time you use the same in one of CVS Pharmacy’s locations.

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