How to Find Local Walmart’s Hours and Locations

Imagine you’re standing in front of more than 4,300 stores and you can’t even find the right item you need for your party. Worse, you are in a big hurry. Or perhaps you just moved into town and don’t know where to find the nearest Walmart.

No need to call a friend. Simply download the Walmart mobile app and use the locator tools. You can even use the app to find the products that you need. Key in the item and the app will be able to inform you which items can be found in a particular Walmart location along with the specific aisle and photos.


walmart hours and locations now

Walmart mobile app is used by many people who want to know Walmart’s hours as well as their store locations. This new feature enables Walmart clients to search a specific store for any item on their list: gifts, groceries, toys, electronics and more. The Walmart app is an excellent example of how to use core online capabilities in researching and addressing key points of Walmart store customers.

For anybody who has ever wondered about the location of a particular item, Walmart app is the best tool to use for directions. Think of this app as your personal shopping associate or helper for your local Walmart. You can conveniently use this app whenever you need it. Now, with this app, knowing Walmart’s hours is so easy.

The objective of the app is to assist customers in finding the information they need at a faster pace as well as to make Walmart shopping easier and more accessible. Walmart’s off to a good start since over 99 percent of its locations have been searched through the app already.


In fact, additional improvements were proposed to be made such as feedback from customers. This is part of Walmart’s way of ensuring the convenience of its customers.

scan-and-go-big-optHere are some compelling benefits that you can enjoy when you use the Walmart app:

  1. You can easily access Walmart’s online and in-store goods or assortment straight from your tablet or Smartphone. You can browse through these Walmart’s offers anytime and anywhere.
  2. The Savings Catcher tool is a great addition. If another local competitor offers a lower advertised price, customers of Waltmart can obtain an eGift Card to offset the difference.
  3. The app has the latest Gift Registry. This can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  4. Fast and easy refills – Customers can immediately reorder their prescriptions and pick up the goods in-store.
  5. With the Search My Store app, shoppers can easily check-in store available products, aisle location as well as prices.
  6. Pricing and availability can be immediately checked either in the store or online.
  7. Weekly ads and offers – One can view the store’s weekly advertisements for convenient page-by-page turning. In addition, product details, reviews and customer ratings are also provided.
  8. The Walmart app has a built-in scanner for you to access product prices, information, ratings and others.

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