How to Find Out McDonald’s Hours and Store Locations

Serving more than 68 million customers every day, McDonald’s stands as the most popular and largest fast food restaurant in the world. It was founded in 1940 in San Bernardino and currently manages over 34,000 locations in 120 countries.

McDonald’s menu includes milkshakes, breakfast foods, salads, fish sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, burgers and soft serve ice cream. Restaurants generally fall under franchise operation or corporate ownership. Providing high quality food and services is McDonald’s top priority.

This fast food restaurant serves good quality meat, cheese and eggs. This is probably the reason why people rush to eat at various outlets. If you’re new in town and want to eat at your favorite restaurant, all you have to do is to use the Store Locator App to know McDonald’s hours.

McDonald’s App for Google Play and iTunes

HOW TO FIND OUT MCDONALD’S HOURS AND STORE LOCATIONSEverything a customer needs to make his McDonald’s experience better and more mobile has already been made possible with the McDonald’s App. This app can be used to locate the nearest McDonald’s restaurant and opening hours, win free food and drinks and play cool promotions like the Ice Breaker challenge.

This App can be downloaded and used on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. Aside from its ability to provide the exact location of your favorite restaurant (near you), its app also provides you with their menu’s nutritional information.

Lots of information are also included like allergen warnings and cooking ingredients. The Meal Maker part of the App does not only provide great fun, it’s also educational. You can make a meal using items of your choice, including dip sauces, drinks and deserts. This tool will not only help you in putting an excellent meal together, it would also show upfront information regarding the meal.

Another important tool is the QR Scanner. This built-in tool is used to scan your McFlurry boxes, but it can also scan other QR codes you fancy scanning. Just start the scanner, hold the camera over the QR generated barcode then watch as the magic unfolds.

Online Orders

You can even order online through this App. It’s McDonald’s way of giving its patrons an excellent way to order BFF Bundles and Big Mac burgers and have their food delivered to their homes. The McDelivery All Access Application can be used on both iOS and Android and you could use it to know McDonald’s hours of operation.

A lot of people have actually tested the App and they’re one in saying that it works pretty well. Ordering food through this App is a convenient way of enjoying McDonald’s food wherever you are. The App is 22MB in size and once downloaded and installed, the next thing to do is to register through your Facebook account or create an account.

Choose food from their menu, confirm during checkout and then wait for the text message or confirmation email. This App has a simple and clean user interface with straightforward features.

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