Finding a Jackson Hewitt near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc, which is more popularly known as Jackson Hewitt, operates a preparation service for taxes across the United States. It prepares around 2.5 million tax returns every year, and is the second largest tax preparation chain in the country. The first Jackson Hewitt office was opened in Norfolk, Virginia, a few years ago in 1982. There are now over 6800 Jackson Hewitt locations across the United States. The company offers electronic filing for fee, tax audit representation and tax preparation training. Jackson Hewitt offices are normally open five days a week (Monday to Friday) and closed on weekends.

To find a Jackson Hewitt near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Jackson Hewitt near me now.

How To Find A Jackson Hewitt Near Me Now

Jackson Hewitt Tax Office Locator

Finding a Jackson Hewitt tax office near to you now is best achieved by using the official store location service which you can find here. This page has options and a search box at the top and a map beneath. You can choose to search for all Jackson Hewitt locations, those inside Walmart stores only and those that are open all year around. All that you need to do is make your choice, and then enter your State, city or Zip code into the search box.

After you have input your details you will see the page change. There will be a large map on the left and a list of stores on the right. The map will have pinpoints to show the location of the offices. In the office listing you will see the full address of the office and the contact telephone number. If the office is located in a Walmart store this will be indicated. There is a facility to make an appointment for each office. If you click to make an appointment you will be taken to the dedicated page for the office.

The appointment system is really easy to use. Just choose the day that you want and then a list of available appointment times will be listed on the right hand side. Once you select an appointment time you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to fill in details about the appointment and confirm it. Also on this page you will see the full opening times for the week, and there is some useful information about the local office. If the office is running any special promotions they will be shown here.

Jackson Hewitt Mobile App

Jackson Hewitt has produced a free mobile app that can be used with an iPhone or a phone that uses the Android operating system. You can download the iPhone app here and the Android app here. The app is designed to pass on the expertise that Jackson Hewitt has in tax preparation. You can use the app to find a local Jackson Hewitt office using the GPS technology in your phone. Once you have found an office you can schedule a tax preparation appointment.

You can get an early start with your tax return by uploading and sharing your tax documents. There is a facility to estimate any tax refunds that are due, and once you have submitted your return to the IRS you can track the progress of it via the app. You will be able to view any special offers and discounts at your local office as well.

How To Save At A Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Near Me

You can save at a Jackson Hewitt tax office near you in a few ways. You can use the Jackson Hewitt “Refer A Friend” feature and get paid every time that someone you referred goes to a Jackson Hewitt office for their tax preparation. You can find out more about the Refer A Friend facility here. You can also sign up for the free Jackson Hewitt newsletter where you will receive details of special offers in your inbox.

Jackson Hewitt have partnered with American Express to provide a “Serve” card. You can find out more about the Serve card here. If you get a personalized card then you will be entitled to American Express offers, and be able to save money at a lot of places where you like to shop as well as saving on dining etc.

Jackson Hewitt Hours Of Operation Near Me

The opening hours of Jackson Hewitt tax offices will vary. Some are open Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 1pm but it is really recommended that you check with your local office.

For more information regarding Jackson Hewitt, please visit their official website.

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