Finding a Meijer near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

Meijer Inc, popularly known as just Meijer, is a much loved chain of superstores that can be found in different States across America. The first Meijer store was opened several years ago in 1934 in Greenville, Michigan, and today there are over 220 stores in the country. Although primarily a grocery store, Meijer stores offer a lot more. They offer many different departments as well as optical, photo and pharmacy services. Many of the stores have gas stations and some of these have car washing facilities. Meijer stores are usually open seven days a week.

To find a Meijer near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Meijer near me now.

How To Find A Meijer Near Me Now

Meijer Store Locator

There is a very simple way to find a Meijer store near to you and that is to use the “find a store” facility on their website here. When you arrive at the page you will see a map of the States where the Meijer stores can be found. There is also a search box at the top of the page and in here you can enter your State, Zip code or city. You can also set the search distance from a 10 mile radius from you to a 50 mile radius from you.

After entering your details and clicking on the “Search” button you will see the page information change. A large map on the left will contain pinpoints showing the positions of the stores in the area. On the right there will be a list of stores with the nearest presented first. The store listings will have the store name and then the full address and contact telephone number. The store hours will be shown for the week and for the pharmacy and the bakery and deli. You will be able to make this your store and see the weekly ads from here.

Using the “see my store page” link you will be taken to a dedicated page for this store. You will see the name of the store director and all important details here. There is a “map it” facility which will give you precise details of where the store is located using Google Maps. You can also get live support from this page.

Meijer Mobile App

Meijer has a mobile app that can be used on iPhones and phones that have the Android operating system. You can download the iPhone version of the app here and the Android version here. The main aim of the app is to save you money when you shop at Meijer. You will be able to earn rewards (see below), track your savings, find digital coupons and more.

Earn rewards for the departments that you shop by choosing your favorites. You will then have 4 weeks from the date of your choice to earn the reward. You can clip your reward and then save when you are next shopping. There is a clipped tab where you will see all clipped coupons. There is a store locator facility in the app to find the nearest Meijer store wherever you happen to be. You can also view the weekly ads from the app.

How To Save At A Meijer Store Near Me

There is a rewards program that will help you to save at a Meijer store near you. It is called “mPerks” and you can find out more about the program here. Some examples of savings you can make are $8 for spending $150, $5 when you spend $30 in produce, $5 when you spend $30 in sporting goods, $6 when you spend $35 in beauty, $6 when you spend $35 in frozen foods, $7 when you spend $45 in meat and seafood and $8 when you spend $50 in dairy, deli and cheese. There are also mPerks pharmacy rewards and mPerks baby rewards.

The first thing to do is get your mPerks card in a Meijer store. Then you will need to create an account at Meijer using a simple sign up form online. You will need to provide your email address and create a password and then provide your first and last names and your Zip code. You will then need to choose your preferred store, enter your phone number and choose from the many options available. Money can also be saved at Meijer stores using their weekly ads.

Meijer Hours Of Operation Near Me

Most Meijer stores will be open from 6am until 11pm seven days a week. Always check with your local store to see if they keep the same hours.

For more information regarding Meijer, please visit their official website.

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