Finding a Michaels near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

Michaels Stores Inc, more famously known as Michaels, is a retail chain of arts and crafts stores that operate across the United States. The very first Michaels store was opened in Dallas, Texas way back in 1976. Today there are over 1200 Michaels stores operating in 49 States. Michaels is the biggest crafts store in the country and they have over 40000 products on offer. If you like crafts and hobbies then you will find everything at Michaels. Michaels stores are usually open seven days every week.

To find a Michaels near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Michaels near me now.

How To Find A Michaels Near Me Now

Michaels Store Locator

You can find a Michaels store near to you now with ease if you use the store locator facility that can be found right here. Use the first box to enter in your State, Zip code or city. Then choose the “US” option from the next box and then select the radius from 20 miles to 200 miles.

The page will change when your details are entered, and there will be a list of stores presented on the left and a map with store locator pinpoints on the right. The nearest store to you will appear first in the list and the full address details and phone number will be shown. You will also be able to see the weekly opening hours. There are also links for events, weekly ads and the store page.

The dedicated store page will display a detailed local map and information about cities and Zip codes near to the store. You can send the store details to you email inbox or to your mobile phone via a text message. You can download the calendar for the store and all of the store facilities will be shown. These include classes, custom framing services, custom floral services and the events that are happening at the store.

Michaels Mobile App

Michaels has created an app for iPhones and Android mobile phones to make your Michaels experience even better. The information about the iPhone version is here and the Android details are here. You will be able to make savings with the app by receiving the weekly ads and looking for discount coupons. You can also access projects and products in their hundreds for that inspiration that you need to get started.

You can also join the Michaels reward program (see below) and you can find the nearest Michaels store to you when you are on the move. There is a product locator function where you can find almost anything and you can save your inspirational ideas.

How To Save At A Michaels Near Me

It is possible for you to save at a Michaels store near to you by joining their rewards program. It is free to join and you will receive information via email. There is more information about the Michaels reward program here. You will receive offers that are only available to members in your inbox, and also be notified of special events that are only open to members.

Another benefit of being a member of the Michaels rewards program is that you can take back returns without a receipt. You will also receive early alerts about store sales and the deals that are on offer. There is a very simple registration form to complete to become a member of this program.

You can also find Michaels coupons on their homepage. You can sometimes find 20% Off coupons and even 40% Off coupons sometimes.

Michaels Hours Of Operation

You should find that most of the Michaels stores will open and close at the same time. The normal opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9am until 9pm and Sundays from 10am until 7pm. Always check with your local store to see if they keep different hours of opening.

For more information regarding Michaels, please visit their official website.

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