There may come a time when you will find yourself in need of a place to sleep for the night in an unfamiliar town or city. It can be something unplanned and would require you to spend the least amount of money as possible. As hotels can be quite expensive, you can consider looking for a motel. Even though the cost is important, you will also need to consider some other aspects, such as cleanliness, working facilities, and helpfulness of the staff. The good news is, you can learn about these at the comfort of your home, or while your car is parked as you browse your smart phone or tablet for the motel you can possibly stay in.

Below is a map of the nearest Motels near you. To find additional information about finding motel locations near you please refer to the information and links below.

Find Motels Near Me Online

Most establishments have online presence. This is especially true for hotels, hostels, and motels because aside from guaranteed booking, they also rely on walk-ins. One of the best ways to ensure a steady number of walk-ins is by creating a website or joining the social media. They could post pictures of their facilities, as well as comments from previous customers. All you need to do is:

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Type ‘motels near (your location)’ in the browser, and press search
  3. Scroll down and check the motels’ locations and customer reviews

Finding a motel that will suit your needs could be done in a matter of minutes. Once you have shortlisted the motels of your preference, jot down their phone number and give them a call to check if they have a vacancy. You can of course send them a message if their webpage has a chat box or an email feature; but if you prefer to get their confirmation right away, give them a call.

Find Motels Near Me with Apps

As the popularity of smart phones continues to grow, the development of new apps is in constant rise as well. A lot of people want a dedicated icon on their phones or tablets that they can tap, and then show them what they want without any hassle. These apps are also reviewed by users in terms of helpfulness and ease of use. These are some of the apps that you can download from app marketplaces:

With this app, finding your motel is just one click away. If you are looking for a place to stay near where you are, search for available motels and book, cancel, or change reservations, this app can help you.

The Motel One App

Secure your booking through this mobile app, which is available for android and apple users. It has a navigation tool that will lead you straight to your motel.

Frugal Hotel Finder

The Frugal Hotel Finder app was awarded as best travel app by This motel finder shows motel offers from their source.

These travel apps rely on the simplicity of their designs which make them not only user-friendly, but helpful in finding the best motels near you.

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