The latest blockbuster that you’ve been waiting for is finally showing in the silver screen but you’re still new in town and don’t know your way around yet. How do you find movies near me now? You can of course personally ask for directions from the locals. Or, you can go online and use the search engines. Better still, if you’re a regular moviegoer, you can download some apps on your smartphone that will tell you what movies are playing in theaters near you.

To find a movie theater near you simply take a look at the Google Maps below or continue reading below to find the top apps for finding movies near you.


movies near meGoing online, you can Google search for movies near you. Just go to and enter the name of the place where you are in under the ‘Change Location’ space and press the ‘Change’ button. Soon, Google will run down the complete list of cinemas and the movies they’re screening for today, tomorrow and the next two days. Press on a theater or a movie that interest you and you’ll get additional and more detailed information.

Alternatively, you can use Fandango. Just enter your city and state or your ZIP code and the title of the movie you want to watch and you’ll get a complete list of the information you’re after. If you’re partial to certain cinemas, like AMC, Carmike, or Cineplex, you can make your search at their respective websites where you can also buy your tickets online.


movies near me appsIf you’re a regular moviegoer, you can just download on your mobile smart device the Fandango app from Google Play or iTunes depending on whether your device runs on Android or iOS. Dubbed the No.1 movie ticketing app, you can get the latest showtimes, guarantee tickets, and check out trailers, videos and Fandango original series all at your fingertips wherever you are anytime you want.

Of course, the Fandango app is not the only mobile device app for finding movies near you. There are a host of them, all of which allow you to get movie listings by theater and theater listings by movie. You get a description of the movie, rating, and length along with a map or direction to the movie theater of your choice. Each may have some slightly different additional features that distinguishes them from the rest so you’ll have to decide which features are important to you before you choose which app to download and install on your phone or tablet. All of them are free for download so if you have time, you can try them out one at a time before deciding on which you’d want to keep.


Aside from the Fandango app, here are some of the more popular apps for finding movies near you:

IMDb for Android, which is capable of looking up showtimes by movie, theater, or time frame, adding specific theaters to your list of favorites, creating watchlists of movies you want to see, receiving notifications when a movie on your watchlist arrives in theaters, presenting you with reviews from IMDb and Metacritic users, feeding you with trailers for upcoming films, providing you with research on cast, crew and trivia information about movies as well as on parental guide information details regarding scenes that may be inappropriate for children.

Flixster – integrated with Rotten Tomatoes ratting, lets you create lists of movies you want to see, connect you to social networks to share reviews, connect to the Rotten Tomatoes movie review website, watch trailers, rate movies, and even lets you find films you want to watch on Netflix.

Moviefone with Theater Showtimes, Trailers & Tickets, through which you can browse by theater or by movie, sort movies alphabetically or by release date or by MPAA rating. For selected theaters, you can also purchase tickets right from the app. You can also watch trailers and read the latest Hollywood news as well as connect with friends through SMS or Facebook within the app.

Wigglehop, which comes with with a simple and clean interface that loads quickly and ad-free. Lets you search for theaters, movies, times, and even lets you make a plan.

Poynt, which can display movies by theaters nearby, theaters by movies nearby, top 10s, and by genre and also allows you to buy tickets from certain selected theaters, watch movie trailers, visit movie websites, and connect to several social networks. Additionally, the app can also search for nearby restaurants, gas prices, and events.

In case you already own an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you don’t even have to download an app. Just press the ‘Home’ button on your Apple mobile device and ask Siri “What movies are playing near me?” Soon, your iOS-powered digital personal assistant will be will filtering in movie results based on your GPS location. Then you can just tap on any movie that interests you to access more information or to buy tickets.

If you have a late model Android mobile device, you can ask your built-in Google Now which can automatically detect your location, show you the listings for the movie you want or find movies that are showing in theaters nearby, and provide quick links to buy tickets with Fandango. For other makes of smart devices, some also already come with their own digital personal assistant, like BlackBerry’s Assistant, LG’s Voice Mate, Window Phone’s Cortina and Amazon’s Echo, which you can use to do a voice search for finding movies near you.

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