One of the most commonly asked question posed by women may be “is there a nail salon near me?”.  After all, women love going to nail salons to get their nails done. Being at a nail salon also enables women to enjoy extra pampering services like hand cleansing and moisturizing, nail trimming, shaping,buffing, and overall relaxation. Maybe you are familiar with the nail salons in your neighborhood, but what if you suddenly find yourself out of town for a business trip or family vacation? How can you find a nail salon in the area? We are here to help you by giving you several options to help you find a Nail Salon Location close to you.

Below is a map of the nearest Nail Salons to you. To find additional information about finding Nail Salon locations near you please refer to the information and links below.

Find Nail Salon Near Me Online

One easy way to find a nail salon in your area is to go online. Switch on a computer with Internet connect, open your web browser and do the following steps:

1. Type in on the URL field

2. Type the keywords “nail salon” plus the city/neighborhood you are in

3. Hit Enter

4. Browse through the results

You’ll love Google because it gives you almost everything you need to know about nail salons in your area. You will find a map of the place you are in, with points indicating where nail salons are located. Simply scroll over those points to get more information such as the name of the nail salon, its operating hours, and its exact address.

Moreover, Google gives you directions on how to go to the said nail salon. Follow the directions so that you can locate the nail salon where you can get your nails done.

You can also visit other websites that can also give your information on nail salons near your area. Yelp ( is a good online directory of various businesses and can yield updated information on nail salons that are close to your place.

Find Nail Salon Near Me with App

An app is short for application or program that you can download and install on your smartphone or tablet.  Once you have installed it on your mobile device that is connected to the Internet then you can easily locate for nail salons near your area.

Here are some apps that you can download on your smartphone or tablet:

Nail Vision

This app works on the iPhone and iPad. It can locate nail salons by GPS.  Moreover, you can browse through hundreds of nail colors so you will know the right shade for your nails. Hence you will be able to tell the manicurist what color you would want for your nails once you’ve found a nearby nail salon.

Salon Finder

Also available on Apple devices, this app lets you easily find salons in your neighborhood, and tells you how far they are from you. Moreover you can use this app to contact the nail salon near you.

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