Finding a Noodles and Company near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

Noodles & Company is a much loved casual dining restaurant chain that provides international noodle dishes and American noodle dishes. There are around 410 Noodles & Company restaurants across 31 States, and the very first restaurant was opened in Denver Colorado in 1995. The international noodle dishes are very popular, and they also serve sandwiches, salads, soups and pasta. The Noodles & Company restaurants normally open every day of the week.

To find a Noodles and Company near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Noodles and Company near me now.

How To Find A Noodles & Company Near Me Now

Noodles & Company Restaurant Locator

It is really easy to find a Noodles & Company restaurant near to you. The official website has a store locator which you can find here. You will see a search box on the left hand side and a large map of the country on the right. Just enter in your Zip code, city or State. Underneath the search bar there are further options to help you find restaurants that have catering, Wifi, delivery services and beer and wine. You can also view locations that are coming soon.

Once your information is entered the map will change to show the restaurants available. Under the search box a list of restaurants will be shown. The full address will be shown and if you can place online orders the button will be displayed. The hours open today will also be shown. The amenities such as Wifi and catering are also presented.

If you click on “more info” then the store’s specific page will be shown. There will be a brief description of the restaurant and their telephone number. Their daily opening hours will be shown as well as a large map.

If you choose to “Order Now” you will be presented with the menu for that specific restaurant and you can place your order. You can customize the dishes, and nutritional information is provided for each dish. You can specify the day and time that you want to pick up your food.

Noodles & Company Mobile App

There is a mobile app supplied by Noodles & Company for both the iPhone and Android powered phones. You can get the iPhone app here and the Android version here. The app will let you order your favorite dishes on the go. Just select “Order” to get started and automatic geo targeting will find the nearest restaurant to you, or you can choose your preferred location. You can then browse the menu and place your order and schedule your pickup time.

There is a special instructions box where you can enter a name for the order or include some instructions. The instructions need to be brief as there are only 16 characters available. You can order group meals with this app and even save your boss’s favorite dish.

How To Save At Noodles & Company Near Me

There is a rewards scheme operated by Noodles & Company which you can sign up for here. This is known as the Noodles Family E Club and requires you to provide your email address. In return they will send you emails (otherwise known as Noodlegrams) with the latest news, discounts, giveaways and even special invitations. They promise other cool stuff as well which includes birthday coupons.

All of the fields on the sign up form are mandatory so you will have to provide your email address and confirm it, your first and last names, your Zip code, your favorite Noodles & Company restaurant and your birthday. There are some optional choices below the main form to customize your profile. You must be at least 13 years old to become a member.

Noodles & Company Opening Hours Near Me

The majority of the Noodles & Company restaurants will keep to the same opening hours and these will typically be Sunday to Tuesday 11am until 9pm and Wednesday to Saturday 11am until 10pm. Always check with your local restaurant to make sure when they are open.

For more information regarding Noodles & Company, please visit their official website.

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