Changing the engine oil regularly is one of the most common and cost-effective maintenance services that your car requires. Unfortunately it takes time away from your busy schedule and takes money out of your wallet. However we must remember, that the oil is the lifeblood of your car. Over time, the oil accumulates carbon and varnish in the engine as a result of the following: amount of mileage, amount of time, weight behind your car, and extreme weather conditions. Keep your vehicle engine working properly by changing your oil on a regular basis.

Luckily, auto service providers are making it easy for you to find the nearest shop, determine the services you will be needing, and provide you an estimated cost for the services.
Below is a map which can help you answer the question, “where to get an oil change near me?”. To find additional information about finding oil changing locations near you please refer to the information and links below.

Find Oil Change Auto Centers Near Me Online

Let’s say you’re not in your hometown, but you need to get your oil changed. You can’t call your mechanic and bring your vehicle to your regular shop. All you need is to log on to your laptop, connect to the internet, and follow these steps to answer the question:

  1. Open your Google browser, and type in ‘oil change’, plus your current location.
  2. Google will show you ads of auto service providers and a map for you to see their locations. Some of these service companies include Take 5 Oil Change, Just Tires, and Jiffy Lube among others. You can also find shops that cater specifically to your car brand.
  3. Once you have chosen a provider, and it brings you to its website, it may ask you the following: vehicle year, make, model, version, and your current location.
  4. It will then show you the price of the lube and service fee, and an option to schedule this service.

Find Oil Change Auto Centers Near Me with Apps

If you have your phone with you, using an app is an excellent option. These are the apps available in online stores like Google Play Store and iTunes:

Carango : Car Management

This app will be able to help you manage all your important vehicle information, such as tracking your fuel consumption, mileage, maintenance and oil changes, insurance, service costs, etc. It will also suggest the auto center nearest you.


This car maintenance app was selected as one of the best in the market. It can perform several things, such as finding the right mechanic in your area, tracking the repairs performed in your vehicle, providing you access to road-side assistance, providing you cost estimates for the repairs and services.


MyCARFAX is a free app that you can use for the following: tracking your next registration schedule, auto repair and service history, and maintenance schedule such as oil change, breaks, tires, and filters.

All the information you need to help you with your car repair and maintenance is now available online. Take good care of your vehicle engine, find the nearest oil-change shops in your area, and schedule their services.

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