Hard economic times can affect anyone, even the affluent. In times when you don’t have cash to pay for your rent, your children’s education, and even your personnel’s payroll, going to a pawnshop can be the most practical and fastest solution.  And so you’re left wondering: “how can I find pawn shops near me?”

In certain cases, time is of the essence in searching for a pawn shop. For example, you can’t wait for a day or two to pass as this means not being able to pay the electric bill on time.  And you certainly need to get to the nearest pawn shop when a medical emergency comes up.

Finding Pawn Shop Near Me By Going Online

One way to find a nearby pawn shop is to go to Once you have reached the website, enter the keyword “pawn shops” on the field and then enter search. The browser will then show a list of pawn shops that are within your area.

Now the great thing with Google is that it gives you not only a listing of pawn shops that are close to your place, but also give you directions on how to get there. Choose a pawn shop listed and then click on the “directions” link. Then you will get a step-by-step guide on how to get to the shop that you have chosen from where you are situated.

If you want to make sure that the pawn shop is open before going there, Google even gives you their contact number.

You can also look for the website of the pawn shop that you would like to transact with.  Most websites of the top pawn shops have a search feature which lets you find a shop near your place. Or you can refer to its directory of outlets to determine if there’s a shop close to your residence.

Finding Pawn Shop Near Me By Using an App

If you have  a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, you can also download several apps that can help you find a pawn shop near your place.

A pawn shop finder app  can help you locate a pawn shop that is close to your residence. It may even yield better results than Google, like an updated contact information or even a more accurate location.

You can try the following apps:

Pawn Shop

After finding your exact position, it then displays all pawn shops located around you. Its database has more than 12,000 locations and is being updated daily. This is available only for those who have an Apple device (iPhone or iPad).

Store Finder

This is available for Android smartphones and tablets. This is a free travel and local Android app that will help you locate stores and pawn shops near your location. Information on the app is pulled from Google local, and you can also get photos and contact information.

Now that you know the answer to the question “how to find pawn shops near me?”, start looking for a pawn shop close to your area so you’ll know where to go if should you need instant cash.

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