Finding a RedBox near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

You’re probably asking, “Where is the closest RedBox near me now?” You can probably find a RedBox at your closest Walmart or CVS. Redbox is a DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rental kiosk. There are over 42,00 Redbox kiosks at more than 34,000 locations.  It was started by Gregg Kaplan in 2002. Redbox kiosks feature their signature color red and are typically located at fast food restaurants, mass retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

To find a RedBox near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest RedBox near me now.

How To Find A RedBox Near Me Now

RedBox Locator

The best way to find a RedBox near you is by using their official online RedBox locator. Click here to visit RedBox online locator. You can search for a RedBox by: City, State, and Zip code. The search results will yield you with a list of the closest RedBox’s and their addresses. If you wish to see which movies a location has, simply click “Browse.”

Google Maps

While we recommend that you to use RedBox’s official online locator to find their locations, Google Maps is a great alternative. Simply go to and search RedBox near me.” You will be provided with a map of the closest RedBox locations near you. Select the location you would like to visit and Google will provide you with their hours, address, phone number, ratings, and if needed directions.

RedBox Mobile App

RedBox also offers an app for most iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app you will be able to find a box near wherever you’re at. You can also look inside of it to see what DVDs, Blu-ray™ Discs and games are for rent. Then reserve your discs for quick pickup later that day. You can also watch movie trailers, and search movies by name, release date and genre. See what’s coming soon, and sign up to get email reminders on the day they come to the box.

How To Find RedBox Coupons

RedBox offers coupons and savings to their customers. One way to get RedBox coupons and deals is by joining their text club. To join, just text SIGNUP to 727272. You can also visit their “Deal Zone.” A simple Google Search for “Redbox Coupons” will bring you lots of websites to look trough.

We also recommend that you follow them on Facebook and Twitter, as they post and announce the latest deals there as well.

For more information on RedBox, please visit their official page.

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