The need to shop and the necessity to do it fast is highlighted in today’s consumerist culture. This is often the reason that people who just moved to a new city would ask, “Are there shopping malls near me?” You can ask around but that can be time consuming and weird. Thanks to the modern technology, finding a shopping mall is easier than ever.

There is no shortage of shopping malls. In the US alone there are more than 109,000 shopping centers. The tricky part is looking for shopping centers that are just a short distance from where you are at the moment.

To find a Shopping Mall near you simply take a look at the Google Maps below or if you would like to find out the two easiest and quickest ways to finding the nearest Shopping Mall to your location of choice continue reading below.


Fortunately, there are shopping mall locators you can easily access on your browser. You can try going to This link will direct you to a web page where you can enter some info such as your zip code, city, or country and be provided with a list of the closest malls and stores. There are other filter options as well. For example, you can indicate the distance or specific kind of mall you are looking for. This should narrow down your search and help you find the mall that has what you’re looking for.

Another great option is Google Maps. Simply head over to and search for Shopping Malls. The great thing about Google Maps is that it will provide you with the malls hours, phone numbers, and even customer reviews.


[sociallocker] If you prefer to look for malls near you using your mobile phone then you can download FastMall, an app that makes locating shopping centers a breeze. This app can help you locate malls in 22 countries. This should make your trip abroad more exciting indeed. FastMall can help you find malls and even give you a turn by turn navigation.

To find a shopping mall on FastMall, simply search by your location and choose which one you would like to go to. You can also download the layout for that specific shopping mall, making it much easier to find your stores.

With these locator options finding the best place to shop is no longer a problem. You can be in the middle of a city and within a few seconds locate a shopping mall.[/sociallocker]

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