Sushi is a Japanese food that’s made of rice with vinegar. The other ingredients that may come with it are seafood, tropical fruits, and vegetables which are often uncooked, but some sushi varieties have cooked ingredients. Just the thought of sushi can be mouth-watering to a lot of people. Sushi bars and Japanese restaurants are plenty in big cities outside Japan. Go to a mall and there’s a chance you can find a restaurant there that serve sushi. If you’re out of town however, and you’re not sure where to satisfy your craving with sushi, log on to the internet and let a search engine do the job.

Finding a Sushi Near Me Online

With more and more restaurants making their presence strong online, a few clicks on your computer and you have your answer. Just open your Google search engine, type in ‘sushi’ and your location, and then voila—a list of sushi bars near you.

Google will provide you a map so you can see your location and the routes to take to get to the restaurants. You will see their addresses, opening hours, and pictures of their facilities. Click the link to the restaurant website to find out more information like their menu and other services they provide.

You can also use websites that list and market restaurants, and even websites dedicated to finding sushi bars in your area! Some of these websites are,,, and

Finding a Sushi Near Me Using an App

The good thing about sushi is that it is so popular that plenty of sushi apps can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Store.


This app is dedicated to your favorite sushi. Sooshi has many features. One, it is a restaurant finder that utilizes GPS to tag your location and direct you to the nearest sushi restaurant. It also provides instructions on how to make sushi on your own.  It gives you advise on the fish, other ingredients, and utensils.

Restaurant Finder

Get information about Japanese restaurants near you using this app. By entering your location, Restaurant Finder will give you a list of restaurants in the area. this is great especially if you’re in a strange town or city.

If you want to learn more about sushi, then this next app is for you:


This app promises to open your life to the wonderful world of sushi. The notable features of this app include the following: sushi information, historical facts, and lovely-looking photographs.

After you find the sushi bar near you, it is now your choice whether you want to go there or have them deliver the food to your place. Enjoy your sushi!

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