Finding a Taco Bell near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below. Taco Bell is a famous American fast food chain that serves Tex-Mex style of foods that include burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and other great stuff. Taco Bell was founded in Downey, California in 1962 by Glen Bell. They recently started selling breakfast items and have become a hit. There are currently 5,500 Taco Bell restaurants throughout the US and no plans to slow its growth.

To find a Taco Bell near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Taco Bell near me now.

How To Find A Taco Bell Near Me Now

Taco Bell Store Locator

The best way to find a Taco Bell near you is by using their official online store locator. Click here to visit Taco Bell store locator. You can search for a store by City, State, Zip, or “Use Current Locations” feature. The search results will yield you with the closest locations. To view store’s contact information, address, hours of operation, and services available, simply click your desired location.

Google Maps

While we recommend that you to use Taco Bell official store locator to find their locations, Google Maps is a great alternative. Simply go to www.google.com/maps and search “Taco Bell near me.” You will be provided with a map of the closest Taco Bell locations near you. Select the location you would like to visit and Google will provide you with their hours, address, phone number, ratings, and if needed directions. One awesome thing Google has started doing is showing popular times, so you know if it’ll be busy or not at the time you’re going and you can plan accordingly.

Taco Bell Mobile App

Taco Bell has recently introduced a mobile app for all iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to find a location, get exclusive rewards & offers, one-touch order & pay, customize anything on the menu, and much more.

How To Save At Taco Bell

Before you head out to Taco Bell, make sure to check out and see if they have any coupons or specials going on. One way to get specials delivered to your email is by joining their email newsletter. Once you signup you will have access to exclusive offers, quick ordering, and be able to pay ahead to skip the line

We also recommend that you like their Facebook page, as they post coupons and savings there too.

For more information on Taco Bell, please visit their official page.

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