The human body can be the best piece of canvass for art. This has been proven by many great tattoo artists. If you want to get inked, but are not quite sure where to get the job done don’t worry. There is an easy way to help you find the right tattoo artist, without going far from your actual location. Here is how you can find tattoo shops near you.

Find Tattoo Shops Near Me Online

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it provides you with all the information you will ever need. Whether you are doing research for work or just looking for a tattoo artist in your location, you are sure to find it. Performing a quick search with the keywords “tattoo near” and adding your address, zip code or location will give you the results you need.

Commonly, the results for a search like this will ring up a number of websites which offer tattoo shop locations. You can check out the websites to find a shop or artist that will match your location. The good thing about websites like this is that it can also provide you with information on the tattoo artist and reviews about their work. You may also get to find local and foreign artists as well as those certified by organizations.

Of course, you can also run a search for a specific artist or shop to see if they have a branch near you. This can be done if you are looking to get inked by someone you have already picked.

Find Tattoo Shops Near Me by App

Locating a tattoo shop can also be done with the use of applications for mobile phones. These can be downloaded onto your mobile device and used wherever you go. Some popular choices for such applications include:

Smoke and Tattoo Finder

An application made for Apple devices, this helps you find smoke shops and tattoo shops across the US. Information provided by the application includes reviews, maps, distance and ongoing promotions. It is an interactive app that allows users to update and share information with others.

Instinct Tattoo

Made with a global audience in mind, this tattoo app provides users with more than just access to a tattoo shop near them. It helps users get ideas for their next tattoo and even allows them to choose the artist to work with. All artists on the data base provide access to their profile and photos on Facebook.

Tattoo Cloud

A free mobile app on iTunes, this gives you access to not just studios within your area, but to artists, events, photographs, inspiration and more. You can search for studios using the name of the shop if you know it, or using your current location. It also provides an advanced location search that allows the use of a country, city, state or zip code. This makes it easier to find a tattoo shop within your exact location.

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