The 4 Best Maps Apps

There will come a time when you’ll find yourself in a new city or town, or even a new country. Perhaps you are attending a conference, cooking up a business deal or perhaps enjoying a vacation with family. If you’re not familiar with the area, finding your way around can be a challenge.

The good news is that the world is becoming a smaller place today thanks to map apps you can easily download on your Android phone or iPhone. Getting around is as easy as listening to voice prompts or looking at your screen and getting real time data related to where you plan to go. Here are some map apps you might want to consider:

Google Maps

If you are trying to find your way around in a new city or country you might end up using Google Maps. This app is equipped with voice guided turn by turn navigational instructions. It also has live traffic information, Street View, indoor maps for some major stores, airports, and hotels. In short this app is made to make navigation so easy your confidence to explore places is boosted significantly.


This app is an open source satnav that allows you to download route maps with ease, even before you start your journey so a continuous data connection is not necessary (perfect for some unplugged adventures). This is one feature that even Google Maps cannot match. It has a number of routing options like walking routes and it has the ability to redirect you in case you miss a turn. It is easy to use and extremely mobile especially in places where data connection is nonexistent or unreliable.

Outdoor Navigation

If you are the outdoorsy type or you love to hike, bike, or jog in places where road is not necessarily available then this app is for you. This uses Google Maps in its navigation and it will help you find your way even through woods. The app comes with a latitude and longitude display and digital compass. It also tracks down your stats like speed from your origin to destination, progress on the map, and many more. This should make hiking or biking worry free as the navigation is accurate and very informative.

Maverick GPS Navigation

This app is another option for finding your way off the beaten path. This app has the ability to give you a wide range of online maps and then saving them on your phone for offline use. This is a more reliable way of finding your way around unfamiliar territory. You will not always know the reliability of data connection in some areas. It also has a save and share option so that you can show everybody where you have been exactly.

These apps can save you tons of time and trouble especially in places you do not know or when your hunger for adventure hits you from nowhere. Download any of these apps and you’ll never be lost again.

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE says:

    My favorite is Google Maps, another great one you should have included in the list is WAZE. It shows you where cops are and can be very useful at times when you’re traveling.

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