Top 4 Apps For Finding Food Near You

Food tops the list of things people take for granted, maybe because we can always have something to eat whenever and wherever we want. But there will be situations wherein finding food becomes challenging – perhaps you are stuck in an unfamiliar city or you just recently moved in. Perhaps you wake up in the middle of the night starving and your fridge is empty. Whatever the reason may be, there are apps that can help you find food easily.

Top 4 Apps For Finding Food Near You

Here are the best mobile apps for finding food:

Open Table

OpenTable is the leading restaurant reservation app today. You can decide on a date and time, find the best available tables for those dates at your favorite locations around the city and tap on the “book” button and you are good to go. If you have a specific restaurant in mind then you can enter that on your search or you can also filter your choices with the kind of cuisine or area in the city you prefer. The app even has some ratings and reviews on some of the most popular places to dine in town. His can help you decide better which one is best for you. You can then invite your friends thru the app or add the reservation to your calendar. Food has never been this easy to secure.


LocalEats on the other hand simplifies food hunting by only listing the best local dining places. These restaurants are rated by editors of newspapers, magazines, and online dining sites just to make sure your choices are already refined. This app spares you from the bad restaurants in town and just gives you the best of the best. This app lists local restaurants only as its name implies. Looking for the best local food with this app is a breeze.


This app covers a wider area as it keeps a database of 4500 restaurants in 150 cities and towns all over the US, Caribbean, and Mexico. It offers dining recommendations from top chefs, food purveyors, butchers, and even bartenders. You do not get to eat the wrong kind of food with this app. It can even make a list for you, an ideal feature especially when you are just planning out a trip in areas where the app has available listings.

Restaurant Finder

This is one of the truly “international” food hunting app as it has listings all over the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and many more countries. If you happen to be vacationing on these places you know the app to tap into. This app features the top local eats in a given country. But its utility goes beyond restaurant locations. It can also give you locations of the nearest grocery stores, convenience stores, and even bars in your area. This is one great food hunting app you should not miss downloading on your phone.

There you have it. When you have these apps on your phone, finding food will no longer be difficult.

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