Top 5 Places That Serve Organic Food

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult to do, especially when there are not enough healthy food choices around and you’re too busy to prepare and plan your meals. You’ll have no choice but to eat out and few restaurants offer low calorie meals or organic menus. But there’s no need to say no to restaurant food entirely – check out these five restaurants which serve organic dishes”

Panera Bread

With Almost 2000 store locations across the US and Canada, this café and bakery caters to people looking for organic food offerings. They offer a variety of healthy and organic dishes that is quite impressive. Diners do not need to feel limited with the food choices since there is more than just a hand full of organic and healthy meals on the menu. Aside from the organic meals, they also offer smaller sizes for better portion control.


Many would be surprised to find such a big fast food chain serving organic food. Surprisingly, Chipotle is committed to providing customers with sustainable raised food. As much as possible the meat used in dishes comes from animals raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Moreover, they use vegetables and fresh produce that are sourced locally and grown in an organic manner. Their commitment to serving healthier dishes also extends to offering customers better choices like whole wheat tortillas rather than flour tortillas.

LYFE Kitchen

Love Your Food Everyday or LYFE Kitchen is a new chain of fast food restaurants with casual dining. The chain which operates in locations in New York, Tennessee, California, Illinois and Colorado serves organic meals. All dishes prepared are free of GMO, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, white sugar, trans fat and other unhealthy things. Healthy yet appetizing offerings are to be expected on the menu.

Elevation Burger

Who says a burger can’t be healthy? This fast food chain established in 2005 has proven otherwise. The quickly growing chain is known for its philosophy of aiming to be more than just another burger restaurant. They seek what is best for the environment and for customers as well. They use grass fed cattle for their patties which contain fewer calories and more Omega-3 fatty acids. These are also free range and GMO, and antibiotic free. Even dressings are organic and sides like French fries are cooked in olive oil.

Au Bon Pan

With various locations across the country including many university campuses, this café bakery has made a name for itself with its low calorie meals. Their low calorie soups are perhaps among the most popular on the menu. Aside from using organic ingredients in their food, they have a wide offering of healthy meals. Vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, reduced sodium and low fat dishes are all available on the menu. Despite this, they do not sacrifice the taste or quality of their food.

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