Finding a Whole Foods near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below. Whole Foods Market is a popular supermarket chain located through the US. There are over 431 Whole Foods Markets in the US, Canada, and UK with 91,000 employees.

To find a Whole Foods near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Whole Foods near me now.

WHOLE FOODS NEAR ME | Select a Location Below:

Find a Whole Foods Near Me Now

Whole Foods Market Store Locator

Finding a Whole Foods Market location nearby is relevantly easy. Click here to open up their store locator page and enter either a postal code, or city and state/province. You can also search by states here. For Canada stores, click here, and United Kingdom store, click here.

Once you perform your desired search, you will be provided with a list of the closest Whole Foods locations. You will see their address, phone numbers, and hours of operation. You can also see, store info, sales flyers, events, and online ordering for each store. The store info will provide you with a complete store overview and much more details regarding that specific store.

Whole Foods Market App

For those who are tech savvy or just want an easier way to find a Whole Foods while on the go, consider downloading their app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app will make finding Whole Foods so much easier as it uses your phone GPS location to pull the closest Whole Foods location around you. Simply click the store you want to see their address, phone number, hours of operation, and best of all get directions. While the app is great for finding their locations, it’s also great for shopping at Whole Foods. With their app you will get exclusive coupons, recipes, sales, shopping lists, delivery, and much more. Check out this video below to see what all the app can do for you:

How to Save at a Whole Foods Near Me

Saving at Whole Foods Market just got a little easier. Download their mobile app and create a account to get exclusive Whole Foods coupons and savings sent directly on your phone. Simply show the cashier your Whole Foods coupons on your app. You can also check out Whole Foods coupon page where they post coupons and sales online. Simply select your location and store and see exclusive sales and coupons for that location.

Whole Foods Hours of Operation Near Me

WHole Foods Near MEWhole Foods stores vary when it comes to the hours they keep, so you will need to keep that in mind. Most of these stores are open from 8am to 10pm every day of the week, including Sunday. One of the things that separate these stores from the rest is the fact that they do not close early on Sunday. Some of these stores open earlier or close later than others, so you will need to consider that before going to one in your area. It’s always important to find out what the hours are of the Whole Foods stores near you.

While it’s true that most Whole Foods stores are open for a majority of national holidays, there are some that it’s not open for. On Friday, December 23, Whole Foods is open from 8am to 10pm. On Christmas Eve, these stores open at 7am and close at 6pm. All Whole Foods stores are closed on Christmas Day. These stores are open on New Year’s Eve, but only from 8am to 9pm. They are also open on New Year’s Day from 10am to 8pm. Holiday hours for these stores vary, so you will want to call ahead to the closest one to you before going on a holiday.

For more information regarding Whole Foods, please visit their official website.

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