The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is a global organization with 57 million beneficiaries from all over the world, including 125 national associations. So it’s very common for people to wonder “is there a YMCA near me?” This organization is based in Geneva, Switzerland and was founded over a hundred years ago.

Below is a Google Map of the closest YMCA locations. If you would like to learn about two additional ways to finding a YMCA near you, continue reading below.

YMCA Near Me

If you’re looking for a YMCA near you or near a location you have in mind, all you need is an Internet connection. Simply open up your favorite web browser and type http://www.ymca.net. You will be brought to YMCA’s official website. Beneath the main picture, on the left side, is a search field with the caption “Find Your Y”. Simply enter the zip code, city or country you wish to search and click the “Go” button.

You will then see a map appear on the next page, along with a list of nearby YMCA chapters. Each entry in the list includes the complete address of the local YMCA along with links to that particular chapter’s website. On the map you can see all the YMCA marked with a balloon that’s each labelled with a letter. The letter corresponds to the items on the list to the right. You can also click on the YMCA location right on the map and if you hover your mouse pointer on a particular YMCA location, a small window will pop up displaying the complete address and phone number of that chapter.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and the very user-friendly website of the YMCA, you won’t have to call a customer service number and wait on hold if you need the address of a nearby YMCA. As long as you have an Internet connection and access the website mentioned above, you will be able to find a YMCA near you with absolutely on problems.

History of YMCA

YMCA was formed in June of 1844 by a man named George Williams. Williams was based in London and formed the organization with the goal of putting Christian principles into good practice in real life. He wanted the organization to help young men develop a healthy “body, mind, and spirit.” If you were to look at the YMCA logo you will notice it has a triangular shape. The three angles are meant to stand for the body, mind and spirit.

About a decade after Williams formed the YMCA, 99 YMCA delegates from different parts of North America and Europe met up in Paris during the First World Conference of YMCAs. The delegates talked about joining forces and creating a federation to promote cooperation amongst different individual YMCA chapters. This meeting marked the birth of the World Alliance of YMCAs and the conference made use of the Paris Basis, a mission for the present and upcoming national YMCAs. The motto of the group was derived from the Bible quote “That they all may be one” which can be found in the book of John 17:21.

Growth of YMCA

From the very beginning, YMCA grew swiftly and eventually became such a successful global movement, one that is based on the principles of Christianity. There are local YMCAs in cities all over the world. These local chapters are involved in a wide array of charitable activities. Such activities include the likes of offering athletic facilities, conducting classes for many types of skills, proselytizing Christianity, and other humanitarian deeds. YMCAs today are considered religious organizations yet several national and local organizations remove the focus from religion but there are still other local YMCAs that continue to prioritize the religious side of their goals.


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