Finding a Zaxby’s near me now is easier than ever with our interactive Google maps below.

Zaxby’s is a chain of fast food restaurants that offer a number of different things, including chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches and salads. This fast food chain was originally founded in 1990, and it now has over 800 locations spanning the U.S. A few of the 18 different states that Zaxby’s operates in include Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and Virginia. The very first Zaxby’s was built in Statesboro, Georgia, and their headquarters are located in Athens, Georgia.

To find a Zaxby’s near me, simply look at the Google Map below. You can also use the resources below to locate the nearest Zaxbys near me now.

How to Find a Zaxby’s Near Me Now

Zaxby’s Store Locator

When you go to Zaxby’s website, you will notice that there is a “Locations” button on the top menu of the page. When you click this link you will be taken to the Find Your Zaxby’s page, which will have a search bar where you can enter your city and state or zip code. You can also select the “Find Location Near Me” button.

If you enter you enter your city and state or zip code and press the “Find” button, you will see all Zaxby’s locations in your area within a distance of 25 miles. Each search result will display the exact address, phone number and approximate distance from your location. If you click the “Select” button next to a location, a “Start Order” button will appear, allowing you to begin your order at that particular restaurant.

There is also a “More Info” button next to each Zaxby’s location that shows up in the search results, allowing you to see what their store hours are for every day of the week. You will also find a map on the top of the Locations page that displays little chicken icons for each of the restaurants in your general area. When you click the chicken icon, a little window will appear with the precise address of that location.

Zaxby’s Mobile App

Anyone with an iOS or Android mobile device will be able to take advantage of everything that the Zaxby’s mobile app has to offer. This app will allow you to find the closest Zaxby’s restaurant wherever you are. You can also access the full menu for these restaurants using this app, and get directions as well as maps so you can find them.

You can customize and place orders using the Zaxby’s mobile app, saving certain items that you really like to your favorites so you will be able to easily order them next time. Those who use this app will be able to place orders for pickup and delivery at any Zaxby’s in their area.

How to Save at a Zaxby’s Location Near Me

The Zax Club is worth looking into if you enjoy eating at Zaxby’s. When you sign up for this club you will receive news, promotions and other things via text or email. Joining the Zax Mail Club will provide you with a free one time Meal Deal.

Those who are members of this club will also receive a free Nibbler for their birthday each year. You can sign up for this rewards club by simply going to the official Zaxby’s website. You can choose either “Email Club” or “Text Club,” depending on how you wish to receive news, promotions and other things.

When you sign up for this rewards club, you will just have to enter your full name, address, birthday and cell phone number (if you are signing up for Text Club). You will also need to set your favorite location by searching by zip code, closest location or using the location you currently have set. The Zaxby’s Club is a great way to save money on items from this restaurant, and promotions are sent right to your email or phone.

Zaxby’s Hours Of Operation Near Me

The hours of operation for Zaxby’s restaurants does vary depending on the location, but most of them are open from 10:30 am to 10 pm every single day of the week. Zaxby’s is open on most national holidays, including New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. The only holidays that none of these restaurants are open is Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The hours of operation for these restaurants on holidays they are open for may vary depending on the location.

For more information regarding Zaxby’s, please visit their official website.

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